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Tourism in Istanbul

السياحة في اسطنبول
Tourism in Istanbul

Tourism in Istanbul … What distinguishes it?

Istanbul has always taken a distinguished rank throughout history and has always been a brilliant name since ancient times. It was the capital of the Byzantine and Roman empires, the greatest empires on earth, and then it was the center of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the world from east to west, and it was built on seven hills likewise. In the seven hills of Rome, surrounded by the sea on all sides.

At present, it is the largest and most beautiful city in Turkey and its economic and tourist capital. It also ranks second in the world in terms of population. It annually attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and in different seasons of the year because of the wide options it provides for entertainment and enjoyment for different ages and cultures.

It is also a center for tourism investment, which includes medical tourism in Turkey, real estate investment, and others

Tourism is concentrated in Istanbul, apart from the rest of the Turkish cities, for several reasons, including:
  • The city of Istanbul sits in the most unique location in the world, as it extends from Asia to Europe and is located on the Bosphorus Strait, which is the most important waterway in the world, and due to its large area, it is characterized by a wide geographical diversity from green spaces and vast forests to golden beaches.

  • Huge and advanced infrastructure equipped with the latest services in addition to major projects in the world such as Istanbul International Airport, Istanbul Water Canal, and the recently opened Çanakkale Bridge

  • It is the largest center for global events such as international exhibitions, fashion shows, and film shooting.

  • It also contains a huge number of commercial centers and major malls in the European and Asian sections of the city, perhaps the most important of which is the Cevahir Mall, which is also known as the Mall of Arabs, in addition to the Mall of Istanbul, Vialand and Istinye Park,

  • And do not forget the distinctive tourist entertainment destinations that offer its visitors an interesting and unique experience, such as the Vialand theme park and the huge Istanbul Aquarium in Florya.

  • Istanbul embraces the most important tourist places in Turkey, such as Taksim Square and the historical Galata Tower, which is located on Istiklal Street, in addition to Sultanahmet Square, where the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque, as well as the huge number of historical palaces and castles such as Dolmabahce Palace and Rumeli Hisar Castle.

  • The ancient history of Istanbul and the important cultural center that it has taken throughout history from the Byzantine civilization to the Ottoman to this day, which made it one of the richest cities in monuments and historical buildings such as castles, museums, mosques, and churches

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