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Turkey real estate prices 2023 are still reasonable

أسعار عقارات تركيا 2023 ما زالت ضمن المعقول
Turkey real estate prices 2023 are still reasonable

Turkey real estate prices 2023 are still reasonable

Despite all the difficult global and local conditions that the country has gone through, there are still many promising opportunities to own a property in Turkey, because Turkey's real estate prices have remained cheap compared to European countries,

Today, Turkey is a smart destination for real estate investment and real estate ownership, as Turkey offers promising golden opportunities for those who want stability, safe housing, and profitable investment, in addition to the multiple real estate options that suit all tastes and budgets between a ready property and another under construction,

Turkey's real estate prices have risen at the beginning of this year for several reasons, including real estate tax cuts that the Turkish government has repeatedly approved, and the political and social stability that Turkey enjoys despite the circumstances surrounding the region.

This is in addition to the facilities provided to foreign investors and owners, such as real estate residence, and even linking real estate investment with the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship in return.

And do not forget the completion of many globally competing infrastructure projects in Turkey, such as Istanbul's new airport and the Istanbul Water Canal project

Real estate and apartment prices in Turkey today

The Turkish real estate market offers a lot of facilities and offers that encourage foreigners and investors to buy real estate in Turkey

The best real estate and apartment offers in Turkey are also available at excellent prices, as well as the provision of various and multiple payment methods, including payment in installments so that all people can buy properties , whether for stability or for investment in the long term and the political, economic and social stability in Turkey ensures that real estate maintains its prices and rises over time.

The average price of apartments in Turkey is approximately 100 thousand dollars, while the prices of the cheapest apartments are approximately 50 thousand dollars. Turkey real estate prices vary according to the city in which you are located. We find real estate prices:

Istanbul: The prices of apartments and houses in Istanbul range between 35 thousand dollars and 170 thousand dollars.

Izmir: The prices of apartments and houses in Izmir range between $75,000 and $150,000.

Antalya: The prices of apartments and houses in Antalya range between 50 thousand dollars and 164 thousand dollars,

Ankara: The prices of apartments and houses in Ankara range between 70,000 dollars and 125,000 dollars for medium apartments.

The difference is dependent on the area of ​​the property, its location, or its services, of course

Factors that affect real estate prices in Turkey

Turkey real estate prices vary, as we mentioned, according to the city in which they are located, and prices vary within the same city due to several factors that increase or decrease the value of the property, the most important of which are:

The location of the property, where the location is the main factor affecting the high price of the property or apartments in Turkey. Choosing the right one has a positive effect on the price of the property and brings you great benefits.

The area of ​​the property as the increase in the area of ​​the property leads to an increase in its price. Usually the price of a small property is higher than the price of a large property, for example four- or five-room apartments are cheaper than two-room apartments.

The floor on which the property is located. When the floor where the apartment is located rises, its price rises and falls when the floor where the apartment is located decreases.

Interior cladding and real estate decoration, where the better the interior finishes and decoration, the higher the price of the apartment.

The method of paying the price of the property or apartment, as the price of the apartment when buying it in cash differs from its price in the case of buying a property in installments in Turkey

This is in addition to other factors such as the view, area services, building security and guarding, surveillance cameras, car garages, sports clubs, and recreational places.

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