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What is the tourist value of Kocaeli

ما هي القيمة السياحية لمدينة كوجالي
What is the tourist value of Kocaeli

What is the tourist value of Kocaeli ?

Kocaeli city tops the list of the most important tourist cities in Turkey and is no less important than the city of Istanbul in terms of aesthetic features, scenic views, and pleasant climate,

It is adjacent to Istanbul from its Asian side and overlooks from the north the Black Sea, and is bordered on the east by the green state of Sakarya and on the south by the Sea of Marmara, which is the link between Bursa, Sakarya, and Istanbul, which made it a mandatory passage for tourists who come to visit the most famous tourist places in which we will talk about in the following lines.

The most important and famous tourist places in Kocaeli

Kocaeli National Museum of Archeology and Ethnography

The museum was built in 1774 during the Ottoman era and is distinguished by its location directly overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is located within the city of Izmit within the former Izmit railway station, located in the Kozlu district. Ethnographic, in addition to artifacts, decorations, and historical paintings.

  • KocaeliForest

If you are looking for calm, relaxation, and recreation, you should visit the Kocaeli Forest, which is one of the most beautiful natural places in the east of Kogali state. It also hosts many places to receive visitors in addition to a zoo.

  • Clock tower in Izmit

The history of this tower dates back to 1901 and was built in parallel with a group of clock towers scattered in Turkish cities to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II's assumption of leadership of the Ottoman Empire.

The tower is located in the city of Izmit within the Kemal Pasha neighborhood and close to the Hamouni Palace, and its height is about 24 meters, overlooking the Gulf of Izmit in the Sea of ​​Marmara.

  • Mashukiye village

The village of Maashukiya includes several natural attractions that attract tourists, such as steep waterfalls, flowing springs, and eye-catching mountain landmarks, in addition to a series of restaurants and cafes surrounded by rivers, forests, and waterfalls, and we should not forget the fun recreational facilities with multiple activities.

  • Mount Kartepe

It is the closest snow resort to Istanbul. It is the first winter tourist destination in the city of Kocaeli and is the perfect place for lovers of snow skiing on snowy slopes.

  • Faruk Yalcin Zoo

It houses a wide range of unique animal species and is equipped with a map that facilitates transportation for visitors, in addition to cafes, restaurants, and children's games.

  • Hisar Ship Museum

This museum has historical naval pieces and displays the collection of expedition ships in the Turkish army that has been in use for about 40 years.

  • Kafkan District

It is a rocky area characterized by its attractive pink color and is located on the shore of the Black Sea off the northern coast of Kocaeli

  • sika park

It covers an area of 580 acres and contains approximately 6000 trees

It is located directly beside the Marmara Sea beach, and it hosts many distinctive entertainment venues.

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