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Why is investing in real estate in Istanbul the highest 2023

اسطنبول وجهة مفضلة للاستثمار العقاري في تركيا 2023
Why is investing in real estate in Istanbul the highest 2023

Why is investing in real estate in Istanbul the highest

Real estate investment returns are equivalent to 20% of the income in Turkey, which is not insignificant, and statistical reports in this field indicate that more than one million real estate deals were concluded for foreigners last year alone, which is the largest number recorded so far.

Istanbul ranks first in terms of real estate investment in Turkey, as it is the first destination for tourists and investors around the world

Istanbul's revenues constitute 12% of the total real estate revenues in Turkey as a whole. Therefore, any investment, regardless of its value, will meet with success if it is organized and attention to its details.

Where foreign investors seek to buy apartments in Istanbul and equip them with all the necessary furnishings and decent living tools, in order to rent them throughout the year, especially during the tourism season, and focus on the advantages of the property in order to increase the expected profits, provided that the tenant undertakes to maintain the apartment and repair any damage that occurs because of him.

And if you want to enter the real estate market in Istanbul, we offer you the complete guide to ensure a successful and safe real estate investment

Choosing a suitable area to buy a property in Istanbul:

First, you must visit the area in which the property will be purchased, is it really suitable for you? Will this site help you achieve your investment goals? In this guide, we will present to you a group of the most suitable areas in Istanbul for real estate investment:

Arnavutkoy: This area is witnessing a rapid increase in the prices of apartments and real estate, due to its proximity to vital areas such as the third airport and the third bridge in the city.

Şile: The potential for tourism and investment is available in this area due to its beautiful landscapes and real estate projects that attract investors greatly.

Beykoz: This area is characterized by its proximity to vital areas and the increasing urban movement

Basaksehir: This region is known for its great attraction to investors wishing to build new large projects

Get to know the real estate company that you will deal with:

You should beware of the risk of falling into the trap of any fraudulent company, as it has become easy to promote and market to any individual. Therefore, when choosing the real estate company that you will deal with, you must make sure of the company's reputation, conduct full research, and gather sufficient information about it.

It must also be ensured that the company is licensed by the Turkish government and has a clear address and sufficient means of communication, so as not to fall into the trap of buying a fake apartment or real estate with legal problems.

Take your time to think when buying an off-plan property in Istanbul:

It is your right as a foreign investor to take your time to think before making a move to buy a property on the scheme, as it is a matter that carries some risks, and it is preferable to seek the assistance of a reliable legal authority when you want to make such an investment, as some companies face the problem of the lack of sufficient capital to implement the buildings and resort to Selling real estate on the scheme to raise funds and push forward the progress of the project, and these cases can always be encountered in the real estate market in Turkey and therefore caution should be taken.

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